A red pushpin marks San Antonio, Texas on a map

New San Antonio Seminary Serves Large Region

As a San Antonio seminary, Fletcher’s geographic reach extends north, east, south and west. In this geographic region, the current estimated population is over five million. As the only truly ecumenical school in the region, Fletcher Seminary will reach students from multiple traditions of the Christian faith.

An Ecumenical San Antonio Seminary

According to the Association of Theological Schools, the percentage of students in theological education with multiple denominational affiliations has increased steadily over the last twenty years. Additionally, enrollment at smaller seminaries has increased in recent year. As a freestanding multi-denominational school, Fletcher is in one of the only segments of theological schools showing growth, and serving a student demographic that is trending upward as traditional denominations struggle with controversy and even schism.

There are three important things we learn from examining this ATS data.

  1. For potential students and donors, this means theological education at Fletcher is a sound investment.
  2. Fletcher is keeping pace with a trend of more students with multi-denominational affiliations and affinity seeking theological education. 
  3. As mainline affiliated seminaries expend energy weathering denominational politics, Fletcher can spend institutional energy on meeting the needs of students and developing creative partnerships.