Hispanic female student speaking with peers

A New Collaborative Seminary

Fletcher is a seminary where Biblical freedom is celebrated. As a multi-denominational seminary, Fletcher provides 21st Century leadership desperately needed for churches and pastors. When classes begin, Fletcher will facilitate interfaith dialogue, collaborate with non-profits, and emphasize the importance of pastoral care in ministry. Fletcher currently has representatives from six denominational groups on the Board, and will continue to add other persons in the San Antonio community who can add an ecumenical perspective as we strive for compassion and inclusivity.

Fletcher plans to initially offer a Master of Arts and Master of Divinity degree, and seek accreditation with The Association of Theological Schools. Fletcher will meet the ever-changing needs and demands of the 21st Century seminarians.

In 2018, The Association of Theological Schools reported that 940 alumni from 42 accredited seminaries, ministers most heavily rely on the competencies of: administration, spiritual disciplines, theology, pastoral care and counseling, preaching, leadership, conflict resolution, finance, community needs, and intercultural competency. (Colloquy Online)

Fletcher Seminary will answer the challenge of theological education and ministry training in the rapidly changing and technologically challenging culture of the 21st Century. Fletcher will address the fundamental gaps in current theological education in San Antonio, South Texas and the international community by creating partnerships in the San Antonio community, South Texas Valley and even Central and South America.