Certificate Admissions

Admission to the Certificate Program

General Requirements for Admission

The certificate program is not accredited. Certificates of completion and a transcript of courses taken are provided to students by Fletcher Seminary upon completion. Applicants for admission to the certificate program at Fletcher Seminary are not required to provide transcripts of previous education completed. Currently, all courses are offered in the English language.

Specific Requirements for Admission to the Certificate Program

Admission to Fletcher Seminary is based upon a total evaluation of the following elements.

  • Application. A student will complete an online or paper application.
  • Personal Statement. A student will write a brief personal statement that (1) gives an account of his/her personal journey; (2) explains the reason for applying to the program; and (3) describes any current and/or future goals.
  • Letters of Recommendation. One letter of recommendation is required reflecting evidence of a student’s character, commitment, and readiness for this program of study.

Certificate Program Application