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M.A. in Christian Ministry – Get Professional Training You Can Trust in 18 Months

Fletcher’s M.A. in Christian Ministry will prepare students to serve in a variety of vocational ministry roles, in local churches, non-profits, and denominational leadership. Students will leave the program prepared with skills that will ensure they are an asset to whatever organization they serve.

Your Path to Vocational Ministry Begins Here.

36 Hour Program

Flexible Class Delivery

Affordable Tuition

Local Church Focus


The Purpose of the M.A. in Christian Ministry is to provide basic education and understanding in theological education and vocational ministry.   

General Requirements and Length of Program

Students must complete 36 hours of coursework in the core graduate curriculum. If taken in a normal sequence, the M.A. program will require four terms of study. This means that with Fletcher’s trimester model, a student can obtain an M.A. in Christian Ministry in less than 18 months.  At the end of the program, if students wish to continue, they may change their degree program to a Master of Divinity and continue in their studies, as all M.A. classes serve as part of the M.Div. core curriculum.

Online Classes

Courses at Fletcher Seminary are synchronous (in real time) and asynchronous (go at your own pace). This allows for maximum flexibility, and means you can obtain world class ministry training no matter where you live.

M.A. In Christian Ministry Course Listings

The M.A. in Christian Ministry course numbers follow general rules regarding Master’s degree requirements:

100 level Courses which meet degree requirements (no prerequisites)

200 level Elective courses (no prerequisites)

300 level Courses which meet degree requirements (has prerequisites)

400 level Elective courses (has prerequisites)

500 level Directed Study, Independent Study, Advanced Research, Thesis Writing, etc.

Flexible Classes For Busy People

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MA in Christian Ministry
Interpreting Christian Scripture9
BIBL 6311*Interpreting the New Testament I*3
BIBL 6331*Interpreting the New Testament II*3
BIBL 6305Applied Biblical Exegesis3
* Note: Students lacking hermeneutics in previous UG or graduate coursework take BIBL 6300, Introduction to the Bible, in place of one OT or NT course.
Understanding Christian Life & Thought9
THEO 6300Applied Christian Theology3
THEO 6353Ministerial Ethics3
CHST 6300Applied Christian History3
Ministering to Persons18
SPFM 6300Introduction to Christian Ministry3
SPFM 6302Ethics as Spiritual Formation3
SPFM 6303Spiritual Practices3
CLDS 6340Congregation Leadership Dynamics3
CLDS 6370Christian Worship3
PMIN 6310Pastoral Care3
Master of Arts in Christian Ministry Jobs

Fletcher’s M.A. in Christian Ministry is designed for practitioners in a variety of contexts. With a M.A. in Christian Ministry, you can pursue a career in:

  • Chaplaincy
  • Youth Ministry
  • Children’s Ministry
  • Christian Education
  • Marketplace Ministry
  • Denominational Leadership
  • Publishing
  • Worship Leadership
  • Missions
  • Nonprofit Leadership
  • …and more

With hands on practical training, small class sizes, and world class instructors, Fletcher’s M.A. in Christian Ministry is preparing the leaders of tomorrow’s Church. Our collaborative model of education allows for academic freedom and peer learning throughout the program.the M.A. in Christian ministry is one of the most versatile ministry degrees.