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Course TtitleInstructor Day and Time
BIBL 6300 Principles of Biblical InterpretationDr. Don WillifordMonday, 6:00-8:30pm; February 5 – April 22, 2024
A Graduate Introduction to biblical analysis and interpretation. Primary emphasis will be given to major methodologies in interpreting the Scripture, with a briefer focus on issues of canonicity and transmission.
SPFM 6302 Ethics as Spiritual FormationDr. Dan StiverTuesday, 2:00-3:30pm; February 6 – April 23, 2024
An Examination of the biblical, theological, ecclesial, and philosophical resources that shape Christian ethical formation, spiritual maturity, and ethical decision-making; formulate approaches to assessing moral problems in theologically grounded ways; identify and deploy some established methods of analysis drawn from moral theology and philosophy to assess key moral questions; compare and contrast theological modes of ethical analysis with some major alternative contemporary approaches; analyze and critically reflect on their own process of moral reasoning and conduct; relate Christian ethics to practices of individual and communal discipleship, spiritual, and moral formation; and situate Christian moral reflection within broader social, political, and economic dynamics.

Course TitleInstructorDay and Time
CCL104 Leadership and EthicsDr. David Little & Dr. Susan DouglasTuesday, 6:30-8:30pm; February 6 – March 26, 2024
This course focuses on what Christian leadership looks like in the 21st century, and the ethics behind a Christian worldview. Using texts related to leadership and ethics, students will learn the differences between secular and servant leadership in the Christian worldview and develop a model for servant leadership for themselves and those they mentor. They will consider the ethics of Jesus found in Scripture and review the moral issues inside of Christian ethics. Students will also consider ways to apply leadership and ethics principles within their own context of work, ministry, and life.
CRM104 Partnership and Mission in Rural MinistryDr. Jonathan LeMaster-SmithMonday, 6:30-8:30pm; February 5 – March 25, 2024
Rural communities are rich with partnership opportunities for missions. However, churches tend to fail to see the potential and only focus on asking for donations or volunteer opportunities. This course explores the variety of partnerships that churches can form with other churches, local schools, businesses, and even governments. This course encourages pushing beyond the charity model to a communal hope model of mission.

Academic Calendar for 2023-2024 Academic Year

This table shows the Academic Calendar for Fletcher Seminary's 2023-2024 Academic Year. If you have any questions regarding this calendar please reach out to an academic advisor or admissions representative for assistance.
Fall Term 2023
August25New Student Orientation (Online)
September18-22Fall Classes Begin (or In Person Seminars)
September28Last Date to Register or Change from Credit to Audit
October9Last Date to Drop a Course with “W”
October16Academic Advising for Spring and May Terms Begins
November6Advance Registration Begins for the Spring 2023 Term
November13Last Date to Withdraw from a Fall 2023 Course
November22-24Thanksgiving Break
December4-8Final Exams Week (or In Person Seminars)
December18Christmas Holiday Begins for Administrative Offices
Spring Term 2024
January2Administrative offices open after Christmas Holiday
January22New Student Orientation (Online)
February5Spring Classes Begin
February21Last Date to Register or Change from Credit to Audit
February26Last Date to Drop a Course with “W”
March4Academic Advising for Summer Term Begins
March11Last Date to Withdraw from a Spring 2023 Course
March18Advance Registration Begins for the Summer 2023 Term
April29Final Exams Week Begins (or In Person Seminars)
Summer Term 2024
May27New Student Orientation (Online)
June10-13Summer Classes Begin (or In Person Seminars)
June19Last Date to Register or Change from Credit to Audit
July8Last Date to Drop a Course with “W”
July15Academic Advising for Fall Term Begins
July29Last Date to Withdraw from a Summer 2023 Course
August26-30Final Exams Week (or In Person Seminars)
Fall Term 2024
September2New Student Orientation (Online)
September16-20Fall Classes Begin (or In Person Seminars)
September25Last Date to Register or Change from Credit to Audit
September30Last Date to Drop a Course with “W”
October14Academic Advising for Spring Term Begins
November4Advance Registration Begins for the Spring 2024 Term
November11Last Date to Withdraw from a Fall 2022 Course
November27-29Thanksgiving Break
December2-6Final Exams Week (or In Person Seminars)
December16Christmas Holiday Begins for Administrative Offices

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