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THEO 6300 Applied Christian TheologyDr. Dan Stiver
An introduction to the study of Christian theology, with the aim of engaging students in biblically warranted, critical reflection upon Christian beliefs and practices in light of the traditional maxim of faith seeking understanding, for the purpose of faithful living. Students will be encouraged to develop the capacity to articulate and evaluate thoughtfully their own understandings of Christian doctrine and to relate their study in wise and practical ways to the life and ministry of the contemporary church and world.
BIBL 6311 Interpreting the New Testament I*TBD
Intensive study of the most urgent theological and methodological issues confronting the New Testament exegete with special consideration given to the issues confronting the church and contemporary Christian community. Emphasis will be given to the application of the texts to concerns currently appearing in varied
SPFM 6303 Spiritual PracticesDr. Susan Douglas
Examination of the history and practice of spiritual disciplines in the life in light of the rapid growth in interest in them in the Protestant churches as well as Roman Catholic and Orthodox. Students will explore classical categories such as prayer, study of Scripture, worship, fasting, and church participation as well as others such as seeking justice and cultivating physical/mental/emotional health. A substantial portion of course time will be dedicated to a contemplative or centering approach to prayer, with students identifying and practicing their own variation.

Course TitleInstructorDay and Time
CCL103 Systems, Structure and Strategic PlanningMiche van EssenTuesday, 7-9pm CST
In today’s rapidly evolving world, organizations of all types need strong systems and structures in place to thrive and foster resonant leadership. This course will guide you through key topics like creating a shared vision, mission, and values, exploring various leadership theories, and understanding the characteristics of resonant organizations. You’ll also gain insights into organizational life cycles and adaptive challenges. Through engaging discussions, self-assessments, and a final project, you’ll learn to analyze your organization, discover your own leadership style and preferences, and develop a strategic plan for its future success.
CCL105 Communications In Churches and NonprofitsDr. Jonathan DavisThursday, 7-9pm CST
This certificate-level course is designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively communicate within the context of a church or nonprofit organization. Communications touches on nearly every part of ministry and nonprofit work, and the class will explore how communications has historically been utilized in churches and nonprofits and also consider developing trends in the communications field. Students will learn how to develop and implement thoughtful and effective communication strategies that align with the organization’s mission, values, goals, and most importantly – the ethics of Jesus.

BIBL 6331 Interpreting the Hebrew Scriptures I*Dr. Robert Ellis
Intensive study of the most
urgent theological and methodological issues confronting the Hebrew Scripture, focusing on
background issues, interpretive methodologies, biblical content, and theological implications for
the church and contemporary Christianity. Emphasis will be given to the application of the texts
to concerns currently appearing in varied contexts.
CLDS 6340 Congregation Leadership DynamicsDr. Mario Ramos
Study of principles and practices involved in
effective leadership to accomplish the primary purposes of a church. The role of the pastoral
leader will be explored in relation to the basic tasks of formulating the church’s understanding of
its mission, developing an effective strategy for evangelism and missions, understanding the
congregation’s context for ministry, developing a continuing emphasis on personal and corporate
stewardship, enhancing the church’s fellowship, and implementing change in organizational
structure and congregational life.
PMIN 6310 Pastoral CareDr. Ellis Orozco
Survey of the biblical and historical models of pastoral ministry and
an analysis of the contemporary context of pastoral ministry with specific reference to preaching,
evangelism, worship, pastoral care, Christian education, church administration, and leadership in
a local congregation. The course provides guidance for the performance of pastoral duties.
CLDS 6330 Applied Leadership in MinistryMargo Perez-Green
The course provides
an opportunity to develop understanding of three aspects of ministry leadership: (1) an
academically informed biblical/theological and theoretically shaped approach for ministry; (2) to
advance one’s self-understanding as leader; and (3) to develop leadership skills helpful in one’s
ministry setting.
CCL101 The Soul of Christian LeadershipDr. Susan Douglas & Rev. Katie IveyTuesday, 6:30-8:30pm, CST
As servant leaders, we are called to demonstrate character, integrity, and courage in all we do, while building relationships based on mutuality, authenticity, and trust. This requires us to understand ourselves and our impact on others. We must also be aware of the areas in which we are most skilled and of those where we need support to be fully successful. We need to understand others, including how we develop our faith and nurture our spirituality.
CCL104 Leadership and EthicsChaplain David Little, Esq.Asynchronous
This course focuses on what Christian leadership looks like in the 21st century, and the ethics behind a Christian worldview. Using texts related to leadership and ethics, students will learn the differences between secular and servant leadership in the Christian worldview and develop a model for servant leadership for themselves and those they mentor. They will also consider the methodology for doing ethics in Kingdom-oriented ways, develop a systematic guide for discerning ethics from Scripture and review the major moral issues inside of Christian ethics and apply them to modern contexts.
CCL106 Contemporary Issues in the ChurchRev. Zach LambertMonday, 7-9pm CST
Contemporary Issues in the Church will focus on the most pressing social and spiritual issues facing Christians today. We will cover racial justice, Christian nationalism, LGBTQ+ theology and practice, gender justice, and more. The goal is for students to leave the class with a high-level understanding of these issues, undergirded by Scripture, and with practical resources to help others navigate them.
CRM101 Ministry in the Rural ContextDr. Jonathan LeMaster-SmithMonday, 6-9pm, CST
Rural communities, just like all other communities, are unique and complex places. This course offers an introductory exploration of rural realities through both data driven resources and methods of connecting with the heritage and heart of rural spaces. Special attention is given to understanding the complex layers of story and connection in rural spaces including class, gender, and race.
CRM102 Preaching and Teaching in the Rural ChurchDr. Jonathan LeMaster-SmithMonday, 6-9pm, CST
Preaching and teaching in rural communities offers unique opportunities for blending heritage, culture, and story in creative ways. Preaching and Christian formation hold similar goals regardless of the context. However, this course offers practices for crafting worship and education in ways that can root themselves in the rural contexts we serve. Attention is given to worship and education as hope building, formal and informal formation opportunities, and how the community itself becomes part of the experience.

2022-23 Academic Calendar

This table has the 2022-23 Academic Calendar for Fletcher Seminary. If you have questions regarding any of the dates please reach out to an academic advisor or admissions specialist.
2022-23 Academic Calendar
August22New Student Orientation (Online)
September19-23Fall Classes Begin (or In Person Seminars)
September27Last Date to Register or Change from Credit to Audit
October10Last Date to Drop a Course with “W”
October17Academic Advising for Spring and May Terms Begins
November7Advance Registration Begins for the Spring 2023 Term
November14Last Date to Withdraw from a Fall 2022 Course
November23-25Thanksgiving Break
December5-9Final Exams Week (or In Person Seminars)
December19Christmas Holiday Begins for Administrative Offices
January3Administrative offices open after Christmas Holiday
January23New Student Orientation (Online)
January30-February 3Spring Classes Begin (or In Person Seminars)
February8Last Date to Register or Change from Credit to Audit
February22Last Date to Drop a Course with “W”
February28Academic Advising for Summer Term Begins
March7Last Date to Withdraw from a Summer 2023 Course
March14Advance Registration Begins for the Summer 2023 Term
April17-21Final Exams Week (or In Person Seminars)
May29New Student Orientation (Online)
June5Summer Classes Begin (or In Person Seminars)
June14Last Date to Register or Change from Credit to Audit
July6Last Date to Drop a Course with “W”
July12Academic Advising for Fall Term Begins
July19Last Date to Withdraw from a Summer 2023 Course
July26Last Date to Withdraw from a Summer 2023 Course
August21-25Final Exams Week (or In Person Seminars)
September11New Student Orientation (Online)
September18Fall Classes Begin (or In Person Seminars)
September26Last Date to Register or Change from Credit to Audit
October10Last Date to Drop a Course with “W”
October16Academic Advising for Spring and May Terms Begins
November6Advance Registration Begins for the Spring 2024 Term
November13Last Date to Withdraw from a Fall 2023 Course
November23-24Thanksgiving Break
December4-8Final Exams Week (or In Person Seminars)
December18Christmas Holiday Begins for Administrative Offices

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