Giving Tuesday Fletcher Facebook Post


To become a recognized leader in south Texas and beyond in providing practical, affordable, and rigorous theological education for women and men focusing on spiritual formation, and practical preparation for varied ministries in a global context.


To educate and nurture servant leaders in joining God’s mission of love, grace, and redemption in Christ Jesus for the sake of the world.


The Jesse C. Fletcher Seminary is a practically driven and intellectually generous community devoted to theological study and preparation for Christian ministry. Preparing women and men for faithful leadership as Christian ministers, we recognize and affirm our relationships and community connections, geographically and culturally, in the Southwestern United States with the universal church. These diverse relationships are sources of strength and opportunities for service as we pursue theological reflection, education, and practical preparation for ministry.


Servant Leadership: Acting on the belief that Christlike leadership begins with service to others and service to God – seeking awareness, embracing a sense of call, committing to excellence, and humbling oneself. We believe that ministry is finding a towel with your name on it.

Authentic Community: Cultivating a learning environment where our stated beliefs are congruent with our actions and praxis, despite real or perceived external pressure. We build a future where theological embodiment is the norm in ministry.

Engagement: Promoting interdependence, partnership, and collaboration locally, regionally, and globally to form leaders for the church universal. We prepare people for Christian leadership promoting the common good.

Inclusivity: Fostering an expansive view of the diversity and inclusiveness of God’s sovereignty, love, and grace – and intentionally choosing covenant relationships. We are better together!


Innovative Student Focus: Providing access to and delivery of theological education that embraces emerging cultural and ecclesial needs. We create the faith-based leaders for the future.

Compassion/Empathy: Fostering leadership that values empathy and compassion in the Christian tradition reflected in caring for “the least of these” and “being the ‘good Samaritan,’” as we remain committed to compassion rather than judgement and the practice of healthy boundaries that promote life. We embrace the heart of Christ in all we do.

Academic Freedom/Critical Thinking: Cultivating an environment of critical thought and enquiry, tolerance for divergent views and beliefs, and open and respectful exchange of ideas. We teach students how to think – not what to think.

Integrity: Expecting Christlike character, honesty, transparency, and accountability in every context. We embrace and stand for the ethics of Jesus.