The Fletcher Network

Our promise to our master’s level graduates is that they will receive one free year of coaching or mentoring upon receiving their diplomas. We also have a heart for congregational vitalization, and offer Fletcher Network services to ministers and laity. A Fletcher Network ministry mentor or coach will consult on sight with congregations at their request, assisting in their efforts to make changes to successfully build a dynamic and effective congregation. The Fletcher Network helps ignite church health, energy, and purpose.   

The mentoring and coaching provided by The Fletcher Network may be one-to-one, or in conjunction with a peer learning group. We are committed to the success of your church, and are committed to helping your congregation identify solutions to both persistent and emerging challenges in church leadership. 

Partnership and Collaboration You Can Trust

Coaching to help you chart a new path

Members of the Fletcher Network can receive coaching from a certified coach, who will serve as a listening and conversation partner who asks powerful questions and provides accountability toward meeting new goals.

Mentoring to help you grow and develop

The Fletcher Network can provide a mentor who is a seasoned practitioner to help guide and support you through a season of growth and challenge. Mentors bring decades of experience in ministry modalities and competencies.

On-site consultations for team development

The Fletcher Network can provide on-site consultation with churches or networks of churches to assess needs, assist in conflict mediation, and coach search committees, staffs, and leadership teams.

Peer learning groups so you're never alone

Sometimes in ministry there is a great value in the wisdom of peers, and in simply knowing you are not alone. Peer support and a network of colleagues is proven as a critical component of both clergy longevity and mental health.