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Our Story

Fletcher's Background

Fletcher Seminary is founded by administrators, staff, faculty, alumni, and friends of the former Logsdon Seminary in Abilene, Texas.  With more than 200+ years of experience in theological education, we are uniquely qualified to continue that legacy of academic excellence and practical preparation for ministry in the church and in the community and culture.

How is Fletcher distinct?

People may ask, “Why does the world need one more seminary when so many seem to be struggling?” It’s a fair question, and our answer is simple – We believe that in the emerging and rapidly changing culture, there is an opportunity to create a new kind of seminary that meets the present needs of the Church in new and creative ways.

Connecting Remote Learners

Fletcher offers each course online, in the evening, over Zoom. There are extensive opportunities for collaboration in each class and within smaller online groups. Additionally, Fletcher provides timely online lifelong learning and training opportunities for Fletcher Seminary alumni.

Rigorous Theological Education

Fletcher programs are built on Associations of Theological Schools (ATS) accreditation standards, and  Fletcher is pursuing ATS accreditation.

Real-Life Training

Fletcher incorporates hands-on exercises and supervised ministry in every class to prepare students to lead across all denominations, demographics, cultures, political affiliations, and social/emotional makeups and including in church leadership, lay ministries and nonprofit organizations. Fletcher provides learners with the experience, resilience, and professional tools thrive in ministry. One year post graduation, Fletcher provides professional coaching and spiritual direction services for alumni.

Cost Effective

Because it is leveraging an online platform, Fletcher can offer a high-quality education at a reduced price. Generous scholarships are provided to nearly every student.


Fletcher Seminary is committed to educating and hiring people of all races, ethnic backgrounds or colors, creeds or denominations, sex (including pregnancy), national origins, ages, disabilities, and sexual orientations.


Fletcher is committed to a multidenominational makeup on our board, and within our staff, student body, and faculty. Christians have allowed too many things to divide us, and we are enriched by learning and serving alongside one another. Fletcher Seminary believes the future of a vibrant global church will increasingly lean towards collaboration and creative partnership, and we live that out in everything we say and do.

Community Education Program

Fletcher Seminary is committed to the health and well-being of the communities we serve. Our community education program ensures that lay and ordained individuals serving in churches, non-profits and community organizations have access to relevant continuing education on topics that address their needs. Each workshop will be offered in San Antonio and then to other communities depending on their needs. Where possible, Fletcher adjunct faculty and staff will travel to those communities to deliver the workshop in person. Where necessary, online programs are also possible.

Created through in-kind donations, the first workshop in this program covered grief and trauma related to COVID-19. It was delivered in partnership with the Bethel A.M.E. Church in San Antonio on October 10, 2022 by Fletcher Board members, adjunct faculty, and staff.

For further information about community education, contact Kan’Dace Brock, Associate Vice President of Student and Community Engagement, at