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2023 04 27 WEBSITE Gap Analysis

For some time now, the Chaplaincy Innovation Lab has thought about what it would mean and require to build an approach to spiritual care based on both supply and demand. What does this mean?

First, it means thinking about spiritual care first from the perspective of care recipients.

Second, it means thinking about spiritual care from the perspectives of organizations like the military, healthcare, higher education, and prisons, all of which employ chaplains.

Third, it means thinking about delivery systems.

If we want everyone in the United States to have access to spiritual care, we need to think hard about revolutionizing our approaches to spiritual care so they are built based on demand and on sustainable business models.

This webinar discusses the Lab’s recently published a gap analysis, naming what we see as the gap between the demand for spiritual care and how chaplains are trained and deployed. It identifies six key gaps and invites the field into conversation on how to fill them. We will be joined by: