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Robust and rigorous education is at the heart of Fletcher Seminary. Fletcher will educate all people who are called to ministry, and we realize that many students simply cannot live in residence for three to four years and go tens of thousands of dollars in debt to obtain a theological education. Something has to to change. To start, Fletcher Seminary will offer a Master of Divinity Degree with possible concentrations in Biblical Studies and Cross-Cultural Ministry.

Hands-on Learning from Day One

Fletcher incorporates hands-on exercises and supervised ministry in every class to prepare students to lead across all denominations, demographics, cultures, political affiliations, and social/emotional makeups and including in church leadership, lay ministries and nonprofit organizations. Fletcher provides learners with the experience, resilience, and professional tools to thrive in ministry. One year post graduation, Fletcher provides professional coaching and spiritual direction services for alumni.

A Cohort Based Learning Model

The curriculum will use a cohort model in the core classes and enroll students in a practicum beginning the first semester. The practicum will offer an applied learning approach to training students in core components of the curriculum, integrating theory and practice with the other classes each semester. Students can choose 7-9 credit hours of elective credit in one of two concentrations – Biblical Studies, or Cross Cultural Ministry.

Online Classes

Master of Divinity courses at Fletcher Seminary are synchronous (in real time) and asynchronous (go at your own pace). This allows for maximum flexibility, and means you can obtain world class ministry training no matter where you live. Classes are delivered via Zoom or in Fletcher’s learning management system, Populi. Populi is a user friendly learning platform where students can participate in discussion boards, track progress and grades, submit assignments, and download learning resources.

Students will enter in cohorts and take three classes a semester (Fall/Spring/Summer), with a practicum/internship added to their last two semesters. In this layout, students can complete the MDiv course of study in about 2.5 years. This would make for a 78 hour MDiv. 


Fletcher intendeds to seek accreditation status from the Association of Theological Schools within the first three years of academic operations.