The Fletcher Difference

Fletcher Seminary aspires to stand apart from other seminaries in south Texas in ten distinct ways.

Our board is made up of women and men who are committed to forming a unique school that truly serves the needs of students in our rapidly shifting culture. Because of our practical outlook on ministry in the 21st Century, we believe our the following commitments will make Fletcher a truly special place for theological education.

Fletcher theological Seminary aspires to be:

  • the most affordable seminary in Texas
  • the most practically driven seminary in Texas
  • flexible in class delivery, offering hybrid model classes
  • fully ecumenical serving students from a variety of denominations
  • embracing of international diversity
  • committed to innovation in theological education
  • a supportive community for forming the next generation of ministers
  • providing professional coaching services for all alumni for one year post graduation
  • providing lifelong learning and training opportunities for Fletcher Seminary alumni
  • the only one of the three San Antonio seminaries fully committed to the equipping of women and men for pastoral ministry