Jonathan Davis

Dr. Jonathan Davis

The Rev. Dr. Jonathan Davis serves as coach to non-profit and business leaders in North America. He the Director of Communications and Marketing for Fletcher Seminary in San Antonio Texas, and the founder of the Small-Town Churches Network (, which is dedicated to sharing research, ideas and tools to help small-town churches. He obtained a B.S. in Communication Studies from Howard Payne University and an M.Div. from Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond. He holds a Doctor of Ministry degree from Logdson Seminary, where his research focused on equipping small-town churches for 21st century ministry. He is the author of Sea Change: Equipping Rural Churches for The Tides of Cultural Upheaval.

Jonathan is passionate to help churches and non-profits across North America navigate the unprecedented changes brought on by postmodernity, and to train and equip faith leaders to find not only opportunity but Divine blessing in the midst of cultural and professional upheaval.

Opioid Crisis

From 2018-2020, Jonathan co-chaired the Middle Peninsula Opioid and Heroin Task force in Virginia’s 98th Legislative District, and helped lead a statewide effort to raise awareness and engagement regarding addiction and recovery among houses of worship across the Commonwealth. In partnering with Virginia’s State Legislature, Jonathan launched a statewide initiative called Recovery Sunday, encouraging and equipping every church in the state to have a recovery focus Sunday once a year. In this capacity, Jonathan has provided testimony before Virginia House and Senate Committees, and written policy briefs for diverse stakeholders from across the state.

Religious Liberty

Religious liberty means liberty for people of all faiths and no faith. Jonathan has served as a major advocate for religious liberty and freedom at the state and national level. Representing more than 1400 churches across Virginia, Jonathan gave expert testimony before numerous Virginia House and Senate Committees regarding bills with religious liberty impacts. Jonathan also led the largest Protestant body in Virginia to launch a statewide religious liberty advocacy day at the state capitol.