Grey haired white female student with younger female Hispanic student. Both women are embracing and smiling with a laptop in the picture's frame.

Resources for Hybrid Learning

Hybrid learning may prove new for many Fletcher Seminar students. Hybrid classes mix online and in-person learning experiences. At the begining and end of each academic term, Fletcher student and faculty will convene on campus in San Antonio for about three days to launch and conclude their courses. The rest of the semester students and faculty will meet and interact online via Populi, (proncounced “pop-ū-lee”), Fletcher’s online campus and institutional portal.

To prepare for the online components of each semester, students should:

    • Confirm technical requirements
    • Get to know Populi
    • Have backup technology available
    • Connect with instructors (and other students) early
    • Prepare and plan ahead
    • Engage and participate in your courses
    • Have a support system in place
    • Be flexible
    • Have patience
    • Reward yourself
    • Schedule time for your relationships
    • Seek support from your employer
    • Plan for childcare if necessary

Populi Helps and Tutorials

Your Courses

How to submit work for assignments and participate in lessons, discussions, chat, and more.