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Certificate in Christian Leadership

How will Fletcher’s Certificate in Christian Leadership benefit students?

“More than ever, Christian leaders are needed to share the love and grace of God with the world. In times when there is more concern about the number of followers someone has or if a video goes viral, Christian Leadership is imperative.

As a participant in the Certificate of Christian Leadership program you will meet instructors who have practical real-world experience and expertise in what it means to lead in changing times. Regardless of your ministry context, our instructors will assist you in recognizing your strengths, provide you with real world examples, introduce you to people who are currently serving in varied ministry contexts, and assist you with communicating God to all you meet.

Ultimately, we want you to complete your studies in Christian leadership equipped to do the work, encouraged for your journey, and ready to engage your identified community. You are today’s leaders. Let us prepare you for the days and years ahead as God continues to use you to be the difference in a rapidly changing world. Love God, love others, change the world!”

Rev. Dr. Kan’Dace L. Brock, Associate Vice President, Student Engagement & Community Relations

Certificate in Christian Leadership Fall 2022 Term

Classes (see full course descriptions below):

Know and Be Known, Dr. Susan Douglas and Rev. Katie Ivey

Developing Partnerships for Community Transformation, Rev. Zach Lambert

Communicating Jesus in an Uncertain World, Dr. Fredricc Gerard Brock and Dr. Anthony Cobbs


August 8,  1st Date to Register

August 29 , All Aboard! New student orientation

September 19-23, Fall Classes Begin

September 30, Last Date to Register for Fall Classes

October 17, Advising for Spring and Summer Terms Begins

November 8, Advance Registration for Spring Term

November 14, Last Day of Fall Classes

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Certificate in Christian LeadershipCourse Descriptions

Course: Know and Be Known

Instructors: Dr. Susan Douglas and Rev. Katie Ivey

Course Description

As servant leaders, we are called to demonstrate character, integrity, and courage in all we do, while building relationships based on mutuality, authenticity, and trust. This requires us to understand ourselves and our impact on others. We must also be aware of the areas in which we are most skilled and of those where we need support to be fully successful. We need to understand others, including how we develop our faith and nurture our spirituality. By the end of this course students will:

  • Have a deeper self-knowledge as evidenced through a process of assessment, reflection, and practice.
  • Have a deeper understanding of human spirituality, faith development, and the practices which support both as evidenced through study, reflection, and application.
  • Be equipped with a deeper knowledge of those in their congregation and community as evidenced through research, study of best practices and application.

Course: Community is the Mission: Developing Partnerships for Community Transformation

Instructor:  Rev. Zach Lambert

Course Description

Whether you find yourself in a large city, a sprawling suburb, or a rural context, developing partnerships with individuals and organizations in your community is essential to Kingdom

growth. The “come and see” method of church growth is antiquated and ineffective. If we desire to share the life and love of Jesus with people, we must move outside the church walls

and form strategic partnerships with the community.

By the end of this course students will:

  • Gain a more holistic understanding of the “Gospel” and see how it’s so much more than praying a prayer and getting baptized. As Jesus said in John 10:10, the Gospel is “fullness of life” both now and eternally.
  • Discern how their unique gifts/passions, the collective potential in their organization, and the needs/opportunities in their community all come together to inform how they should function in ministry.
  • Create a strategic plan for creating partnerships and engaging the community.

Course: Communicating Jesus in an Uncertain World

Instructors: Dr. Fredricc Gerard Brock and Dr. Anthony Cobbs


Twenty-first century ministers are serving during one of the most uncertain times in recent history. This course seeks to grapple with the question, “How do we effectively communicate the gospel in and within the diverse communities we serve?” Students will explore this question, and others, through a series of interactive case studies, guests lecturers, and hands-on exploration.

By the end of this course students will:

  • Explore their current understanding of community in conjunction with Jesus’s definition of community as presented in the Gospels.
  • Understand the many ways the gospel can be communicated inside and outside of the lectern or pulpit.
  • Leave the course with actionable steps toward communicating the gospel in and within the students’ communities.
  • Become familiarized with peer reviewed academic texts that can help students communicate the gospel.